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英語部 English Congregation

English Worship Service Schedule:
Sundays at 11am


  • Our theme for year 2011 is " One in Spirit "
  • Please check the calendar page for a list of upcoming events.


  • We encourage everyone who attends our service to share their thoughts with us. If you have any suggestions for our service or would like to share what God is telling you with regards to our congregation, please send it to english@seattlefcc.org.
  • If you have any suggestions for this web site, please let us know. 

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English congregation has about 50 attendees. The majority of English congregational members are of Chinese descent.

Initially a youth ministry, the English congregation has grown into a body not only composed of youth, but mostly of college-aged, career professionals and young families. There is a diverse mix of oversea students, adults who were born in Asia but grew up in the U.S., Asian Americans born in the U.S., as well as non-Asians.

The English Congregation has several fellowships based on age: Family Fellowship, Timothy Fellowship (most 22-30yr), SALT (Women's ministry), Man's Bible Study, College Fellowship and Youth Group (middle school to high school students).


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